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Cannonball Volunteers

Volunteers are a vital part of Cannonball. With 5 massive events and over 700 riders expected at Cannonball 2018 there are a number of volunteer positions available.


What will my job be as a volunteer?

As a volunteer at Cannonball you will be a track marshal. Track marshals will be positioned on one of the 3 gravity race tracks with the duty of ensuring a safe and fair race. You will be required to report any injuries, cheating, trail damage etc. to the race director. All volunteers will be provided with a whistle, 2-way radio, information sheet & hi-visibility vest. A full volunteer brief will be provided on each day of the festival.


What will I receive in return for volunteering?

For each day you volunteer you will receive lunch and a 1 day lift & bike rental package valued at $211!


Do I need any prior volunteering experience?

No. A full volunteer briefing will be provided on each day of the festival.

To sign up & for more information please complete the below enquiry form.

Cannonball Festival 5 Night Special

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