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Seasonal Program Coaches

Thredbo’s Seasonal programs prides itself on hiring and scheduling the best coaches, both locally and from around the world. As you will see from each distinct coach’s profile, each and every individual has extensive experience and qualifications. Our aim is to match the right coach to the right group of athletes so that each and every athlete will have the opportunity to thrive and be the best Snow Sports enthusiast possible, while having a great time.

Development Squad's Coaches


Silvia Prieler

Nationality: Austria, Australian & US Resident
Coaching/Instructing qualification: Austrian Diplom Ski Instructor (Staatlicher), Austrian Trainer C (Alpin Race Coach)
Base Resorts: Thredbo & Vail – – also worked at Falls Creek AUS, Perisher AUS, Mt Buller AUS, Mayrhofen AUT, Obergurgl AUT, Kitzbuhel AUT, Squaw Valley USA, Wanaka & Queens town New Zealand (Heliskiing)
Seasons experience coaching: 50 plus

Your strengths/ passions as a coach: After finishing my Degree in Pysical Education / Sport science at the Sports University in Vienna, I knew that I wanted to pursue all my Austrian ski instructing and race coaching qualifications.

The pure joy of watching the development of skiing skills in everyone that I have skied with has made my career fulfilling.

– Coached at Club level and all the way up to Elite and World Cup Level with different countries.
– Went to the 2002 Salt Lake USA Olympic and Paralympic Games as a Tech Coach.
– Head Coach for 8 Topolino Teams/Camps and 1 Whistler Cup (Children Champs Races U12, U14, U16) and worked with NSWIS Junior Overseas Camps.
– Head coach of the AIS/AUS Paralympic Team
– Head coach of the Mt Buller Snow Squad Team

I still got great passion for skiing and enjoying my Winters between Thredbo and Vail CO.

Your own competing experience: I started ski racing when I was 5 years old. Went to the Ski Academy at Schladming, raced for the Stryia State Team and became a member of the Austrian Junior Team.


Peter Fuchs

Nationality: Australian/Austrian
Coaching/Instructing qualification: Austrian Staatlich Ski (Part 1/2), Austrian Landes Snowboard
Base Resorts: Kitzbühel & Stuben am Arlberg, Austria | Niseko, Japan | Thredbo, Australia
Seasons experience coaching: 11

Your strengths/ passions as a coach: It is a hugely rewarding feeling to witness the enjoyments and achievements of people of all ages in the snowsports world. I offer a structured program with set goals for each individual. Safety and fun are paramount, but few things in life are ever achieved without hard work!

Your own competing experience: Eurotest (GS), Instructor Exams & Races (GS), Thredbo Top2Bottom


Christopher Painter

Nationality: Australian
Coaching/Instructing qualification: APSI level 3
Base Resorts: Thredbo, Niseko
Seasons experience coaching: 11
Your strengths/ passions as a coach: I enjoy introducing young kids to freeriding and early levels of competition skiing. Helping kids develop a love for skiing and the mountain
Your own competing experience: n/a


David Walker

Nationality: British
Coaching/instructing qualifications: BASI level 4 Tech and Teach, ISIA, UKCP1,

Base resorts: Val d’isere, France and Thredbo, Australia.
Seasons experience coaching: 8 seasons

Your Strengths/ passions as a coach: For me, ski instructing is the best job in the world. There is no greater reward than helping an athlete learn a new skill or master an existing one. The last few years coaching on the development squad program have taught me a great deal. I have improved my ability to offer a complete program, coaching in all disciplines with an equal emphasis on fun, enjoyment and hard work.

Your own competing experience: GS for instructor races and exams. Slalom for the British equivalent to inter schools.


Milly Lazzeri

Nationality: Italian
Coaching/Instructing qualification: Maestro di Sci full certified
Base Resorts: Livigno
Seasons experience coaching: 12

Your strengths/ passions as a coach: For me the best thing about coaching skiing is
the opportunity to make people feel wonderful emotions! You can give them so much, both if they are kids or adults and you can help them to overcome their fears and go beyond their limits, meet new friends, discover new places. I believe for kids especially to share all of this with other kids help them to grow loving sport and with a sense of respect for the mountain and their friends. And it is absolutely amazing when you help them to overtake their limits and you see the satisfaction in their eyes! It is something they will keep in their memories!

Your own competing experience: I used to compete from the age of 5 to 18. First with the Valdidentro Ski Club and then during the high school with the Alta Valtellina Alpine Ski Club. I stopped racing to focus on my Maestro di Sci course and after that I worked in Valdidentro, Bormio and now Livigno.


Sebastian Freihofner

Nationality: Australian
Coaching/ Instructing qualifications: I have obtained my APSI level 4, Canadian Ski Coaches Federation level 2, CSIA Snowpark level 1, Canadian Association of Disabled Skiing level 1 and an Avalanche Skills Training level 1.

Seasons experience coaching: I have recently finished my tenth overall season.

Your strengths/ passion as a coach: I love helping the kids progress their skills to be able to tackle more and more challenging terrain such as the bumps and the race course as well as the steeps/ off piste!


Jackson Holtham

Nationality: Australian

Coaching/Instructing qualification: APSI Level 3, APSI Trainer Examiner.

Base Resorts: Thredbo, Silverthorn Colorado.

Seasons experience coaching: 3

Your strengths / passions as a coach: My passion as a coach is to provide a positive and fun environment for my athletes, focusing on the fundamentals to build a strong rider. My strengths are my communication skills; strong communication is critical to the coach-athlete relationship and is something I believe I excel in.

Your own competing experience: I started snowboarding when I was 17, I’ve coached lots of athletes at competitions.


Alberto Ghiotti

Nationality: Italian

Coaching/Instructing qualification: Maestro di Sci

Base Resorts: Bardonecchia, Italy | Val D’Isère, France

Seasons experience coaching: 3

Your Strengths/passion as a coach: I have loved skiing since I was a child, this passion was passed onto me by my parents, and now that’s what I love to do! So like my parents did for me, I would love to pass this passion onto others.

Your own competing experience: I used to compete in FIS races since the first year of high school, and I was an athlete until I was 19 years old with the Ski Club Melezet (before that I used to spend a lot of time doing freeride and jumps).


Joe Bird

Nationality: British

Coaching/Instructing qualification: BASI level 3, ISIA

Base Resorts: Zell Am See, Austria and Thredbo

Seasons experience coaching:  8

Your strengths / passions as a coach: As a coach I get all my enjoyment out of watching people progress and achieving any goals that they set or I have set. I am a very competitive person and this comes through when I am teaching in that I push people to do their best and strive for them to be the best.

Your own competing experience: Raced Slalom around the UK and trained GS but never competed.


Adam Rigby

Nationality: Australian

Coaching/Instructing qualification: Level 4 APSI Snowboard, APSI Examiner and APSI Demo team member

Base Resorts: Thredbo AUS and GoSnow Japan

Seasons experience coaching: 8

Your strengths / passions as a coach: Continuing to grow the sport and see it evolve through the next generation.

Your own competing experience: Various races and slopestyle events in Canada and Japan


Cas Schoonen

Nationality: Dutch

Coaching/ Instructing qualification: Austrian level 4

Base Resorts: Thredbo and Niseko

Seasons experience coaching: This will be season number 15

Your strengths/ passions as a coach: My passion as a coach is to inspire young athletes to achieve their skiing goals. I love to watch the group dynamic grow throughout the season and see them grow not only as skiers but also develop as young individuals.

You own competing experience: In my early days as an instructor/ coach I used to compete in GS competitions. The Euro test was part of that. In Japan I have started competing in the Japanese technical competition.


Jamie Stevens

Nationality: British

Coaching /instructing qualification: APSI 3

Base Resorts: Austria – Zell am see / Australia – Thredbo

Seasons experience: 5

Your Strengths / Passion for coaching: I would say that my passion for coaching is about building a unique relationship with each athlete and forming a trusting bond. Whether that be an adult or a child. I believe that this allows me to open up their eyes to the beautiful art of skiing within a structured ,safe and fun environment. I also thoroughly enjoy pushing students to their limits and helping them to achieve and exceed their personal or set goals. Skiing is unique sport, it is a never-ending playground that can be enjoyed by anyone and I believe that my purpose as a coach is to install that in everyone’s mind.


Chiara Piccoli

Nationality: Italian

Coaching/Instructing qualification: “Maestro di sci”, ski instructor full certified

Base Resorts: Val Zoldana, Italy

Seasons experience coaching: 2

Your strengths/ passions as a coach: I’ve skied since I was a child with a great instructor and I fell in love with this sport thanks to him. As an instructor I don’t want just to teach how to ski but with my smile and positivity I want to teach kids how to love all about this sport environment and especially his values: dedication, confidence, how to be part of a group, how to win and how to lose.

Your own competing experience: I started racing when I was 7 years old and competing in Regionals and Nationals until I finished the course to become a ski instructor at 20 years old.

I’ve always been part of a ski club, Pelmo Ski Team.


Daekeun Kwak

Nationality: Republic of Korea

Coaching/Instructing qualification: APSI4, KSIA3

Base Resorts: Thredbo Australia, Niseko Japan,

Seasons experience coaching: 14

Your strengths / passions as a coach: I have been working hard to improve my skiing and to understand high performance skills so I can better coach athletes. My passion is for developing skiing skills to a high standard and helping athletes reach their goals all while having fun and loving the sport.

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