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Meet The Hikes Team | Supported by The North Face

Thredbo’s Guided Hikes boast one of the most passionate group of guides, who know Thredbo and the Australian Main Range like the back of their hand. Spending lots of time in the outdoors, our hikes team have extensive knowledge of the high country and it’s surroundings.

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Rachael Schultz

G’Day, my name is Rachael. As a kid, I grew up northwest of Sydney in a family that has a taste for adventure and a love of the outdoors. From childhood stemmed my passion, setting off on exchanges internationally to learn about diversity in environments globally. I have volunteered in foreign countries to educate communities, help build sustainable and clean living quarters for the less fortunate. I have also lead outdoor hiking, rapid crossing, canoeing, adventure program for a children’s camp in Canada. Heading into the Alpine of Australia is such a unique experience. Over the past years I’ve been here I can tell you that no two hikes are ever the same. I love being able to share my backyard with guests hoping they’ll leave with strong knowledge to share with others, and a newfound passion for the beautiful place it is. See you out there!


Cat Campbell

Hi, my name is Cat Campbell. I grew up in Canberra and spent my childhood exploring local National Parks as well as travelling through Australia and the world, I was a pretty lucky kid! I have lived in the NSW Snowy Mountains for 8 years and am passionate about alpine flora and fauna. I am a wildlife specialist in my other life, working with a number of local species such as the mountain pygmy possum and the broadtoothed mouse. I spend my working life and my free time amongst the mountains. I love the idea that I can open people’s minds, teach them something new and show them how spectacular nature can really be. Plus, I love a good chat!


Alex Parsons

Howdy, I’m Alex! Although I grew up in the balmy locations of Hawaii and Sydney, I’ve been a snow chaser for years. I’ve worked as a snowboard instructor, backcountry guide and alpine media specialist for the past 12 winters but am happy to be having a summer hiking about Australia’s highest mountains. I’ve wandered the snowy peaks in Japan, ambled about New Zealand, trekked to remote hot springs in Canada and strolled up rocky hills in South Korea but Australia’s Snowy Mountains still have my heart. My favourite topics are pygmy possums and excellent rocks. I think it’s a true privilege to share my passion for the alpine with others. When I’m not frolicking high up in the crags I’m solo hiking along the coast, taking photos, writing and paddling on the lake. But mostly I’m just thinking about mountains.


Jimmy Wacher

Hey, I’m Jimmy. I’ve migrated to the mountains from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and haven’t been able to escape since. I’ve spent time working as a photographer and filmer during winter here in Thredbo and in Japan. You can always find me with a camera in my hand and if I’m not showing you around Australia’s highest national park I’ll be down by Lake Jindabyne, mountain biking, hiking or indulging in a sunset beer on the bistro deck. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my home with you! See you in the mountains.


David Mole

Hi! My name is David. I’m an ACT local, who has been brought up with a passion and enthusiasm for outdoor activities. The Australian Alpine Range, specifically the northern range, has been one of my main adventure locations for many years now, providing me with opportunities to pursue backcountry skiing, hiking and mountain biking on both single and multi-day trips. My love for outdoor activities and sharing these experiences, has influenced me in both my background in guiding and more recently secondary school teaching. Of late, my Thredbo summers have been spent more so on my mountain bike so I’m looking forward to exploring more of the Northern Alpine Range on foot this summer.


Sass Dutch

Hey there! I’m Sass and I was lucky enough to grow up in Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains. My love for the outdoors and what the Snowies has to offer has stemmed from growing up here, I’m eager to show you just a snippet of the beautiful area I get to call home. My family and I went on countless camping trips and in my spare time I love to continue exploring the region and sip a cider at sunset. This unique environment that we get to enjoy has so many secrets that I hope I can share with you, all while revealing ways we can protect it. I can’t wait to get out and explore with you!


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