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Meet The Hikes Team | Supported by The North Face

Thredbo’s Guided Hikes boast one of the most passionate group of guides, who know Thredbo and the Australian Main Range like the back of their hand. Spending lots of time in the outdoors, our hikes team have extensive knowledge of the high country and it’s surroundings.

Our Guided Hikes team hit the trails and reach the summit in the best gear from The North Face. The North Face offer a great range of hiking gear that will protect you from the elements and get you to the top comfortably and stylishly. Click here to check out their gear.


Rachael Schultz

G’Day, my name is Rachael. As a kid, I grew up northwest of Sydney in a family that has a taste for adventure and a love of the outdoors. From childhood stemmed my passion, setting off on exchanges internationally to learn about diversity in environments globally. I have volunteered in foreign countries to educate communities, help build sustainable and clean living quarters for the less fortunate. I have also lead outdoor hiking, rapid crossing, canoeing, adventure program for a children’s camp in Canada. Heading into the Alpine of Australia is such a unique experience. Over the past years I’ve been here I can tell you that no two hikes are ever the same. I love being able to share my backyard with guests hoping they’ll leave with strong knowledge to share with others, and a newfound passion for the beautiful place it is. See you out there!


Alexis Sirman

My name is Alexis Sirman, originally from Ottawa, Canada, I spent most of my life in British Colombia playing and working in the mountains.  I have been working as a guide since my early 20’s.  I have worked guiding white water rafting and kayaking, snowmobiling, quad biking, dog sledding, cat skiing and a few other cameos for caving and canyoning along the way. I love the outdoors and one of my passions is getting people excited about them and the experiences that Mother Nature offers.  I moved to Australia in 2013 and have been living and working in the area since. I run the Guided Hikes program for my summer job and work on the Ski Patrol in the winter. Life is pretty good.


Rochell Everett

My name is Rochell, I grew up in Mollymook NSW. My youth was full of adventure, exploring beaches and bushland along the coast, this was just the beginning, in my 20’s I set out to see the sights of the world crossing many places off my bucket list. During this period I spent 3 years living and working in the Rocky Mountains and my passion for hiking flourished. Once returning to Australia I was living on the coast and felt there was something missing, this is when I made the move to the Snowy Mountains. I love sharing the experience and remarkable view of hiking in the Alpine with our guests.


The North Face

For those making their own way – hit the trails in dependable gear designed to meet the demands of summer hiking.

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