Make the pilgrimage that every Australian and visitor to this great land should. Gain perspective from the highest point in the country, enjoying sweeping views into Victoria and a long the main range. Breathe the sweet mountain air while you enjoy all that Mother nature has to offer. Do it for the first time, or make it a tradition;this is a wonderful way to introduce you and your family to the Australian Alps. This is the highest and largest piece of Alpine in Australia,home to 21 endemic species and many more rare and beautiful flowers. Check out Lake Cootapatamba, one of the highest glacial lakes in the country. This moderate walk offers something achievable and enjoyable for people of all ages go with a guide so you don’t miss any of the unique highlights; it will be an adventure you will remember!

Please note that there must be two guests booked in for walk to proceed


  • Saturday hike available from 03/11/2017 to 28/04/2018
  • Sunday hike available from 24/12/2017 to 28/01/2018
  • Tuesday hike available from 16/12/2017 to 30/01/2018
  • Thursday hike available from 16/12/2017 to 28/01/2018

Distance: 13km