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Flexibility Insurance

Last Updated 16 May 2022

Terms and conditions applicable to Thredbo Flexibility Insurance

  1. Thredbo Flexibility Insurance is:
    a. Applicable per product per transaction. Does not cover amended products.
    b. Non-transferable to another product or season.
    c. Non-Refundable.
  2. Allows for the listed changes on the purchased product:
    a. Change of pass holder name.
    b. Change of product type to equal or greater value.
    c. Change of start date or time.
    d. For Private Lesson changes โ€“ requested time may not be available.
  3. Thredbo Flexibility Insurance can only be purchased in same order and transaction product it is being applied to and cannot be applied retroactively to transactions or products after original purchase has been completed.
  4. Can be applied to any date-based product purchased via the Thredbo Online Shop.
  5. Cannot be purchased at in resort locations such as Thredbo Guest Services.
  6. Any use of Flexibility Insurance to request changes to products must be submitted to Thredbo Guest Services:
    a. For date-based lift passes, group lessons, full day childrenโ€™s Programs and rental up to 4.30pm the day prior to the listed product start date. EG: a lift pass starting Saturday 11 June with Flexibility Insurance can request a change up to 4.30pm Friday 10 June.
    b. For private lessons and backcountry tours up to 4.30pm the 2 days prior to the private lesson start date. EG: a private lesson starting Saturday 11 June with Flexibility Insurance can request a change up to 4.30pm Thursday 9 June.
  7. Requests made to after the selected product start date will not be accepted.
  8. Changes made with Flexibility Insurance prior to the timeframe as listed in point 6 will not incur the $20.00 order change fee per product per order.
  9. Any change of start dates will be at the new start dates applicable rate, while retaining the best available rate or promotional product benefits, any difference in price must be paid for prior to changes being made.
  10. Thredbo Flexibility Insurance can only be invoked once as per changes listed under point 2 and does not account for additional amendments. If further change are required Flexibility Insurance can be purchased in addition to the amended products.
  11. Flexibility Insurance does not entitle the purchaser to a refund or credit, only the changes listed in point 2.
  12. All advanced purchase changes must be lodged with Thredbo Guest Services via emailing with full details of the intended changes.
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