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Cruiser Progression Park

Once your comfortable on the introductory jumps head to the Cruiser Park for the next step. As well as a variety of jumps there will be a heap of jibs including fun boxes, tubes, small rails and bonks. Cruiser Chairlift provides access to the top section of the park. Alternatively rapid fire hot laps of the entire park are on offer using the Easy Rider T Bar. You’ll spend plenty of time in the saddle and push your progression.

Right Line

  • Gap On Hero Box
  • Gap On Flat Down Box

Left Line to Easy Rider T-bar

  • Street style down tube
  • Low gap on round rail, beside gap on round rail
  • Gap on go pro box, beside street style down rail
  • Street style down box, beside street style down rail
  • 10 foot jump
  • 15 foot jump
  • 20 foot jump
Coca-Cola Red disk