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Equipment Tuning

Thredbo Sports Workshop

Thredbo Sports Friday Flat Workshop offers state of the art tuning and workshop services with the new Montana Saphir Pro tuning machine and an experienced team of workshop technicians. Also available is a full range of race various structure options, mounting and repair services including performance waxing for both skis and snowboards. So before you hit the slopes drop by to ensure your gear is in the best shape.

New kid on the block is the new Montana Saphir Pro machine, offering the ultimate in tuning with the high tech Stonegrind Pro System and radial tuning for user friendly edge initiation. For the Racers we offer a full range of various race structure options, mounting and repair services including performance waxing for both skis and snowboards

Why is it important to get my equipment tuned?
A flat base is vital to get the best performance from your skis or board. The pattern on the base is called the ‘structure‘ this can be varied to suit the snow conditions and provide better glide.
Edges wear out with day to day use, they knock on objects and each other, also the abrasive characteristic of snow dulls the edge over time. As they become worn and blunt the edges are less effective. You’ll be amazed the difference a quality sharp and tuned edge will make to your skiing and boarding. You’ll be able to turn harder with less effort and stop easier with confidence.

How often should I wax my skis/snowboard?
Wax is the moisturiser for the base of your skis and snowboards, dry bases are rough and slow. Regular waxing will, improve glide and give you a more enjoyable experience.
Generally you should get between 4 and 7 days riding from 1 wax, depending on snow conditions.

Do I need to sharpen my edges if I ride/ski a lot of park?
Edges are there for turning and stopping, they can get in the way when it comes to boxes and rails. For an all-round usable board in park and on the slopes try the new 3 degree ‘park n ride’ edge. The edge angle is set at 3 degrees that gets it out of the way in the park but when you need it, it’s there.

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Thredbo sits on the traditional land of the Monero – Ngarigo people who have looked after this land, water and community for over 60,000 years. We thank them for all they have done and continue to do to look after their country, a special place which we all love and respect.

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