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The Weather Guy – North American Outlook

Posted on 30 Sep, 2017 in Weather Forecast

It’s been a winter to remember here in Australia, with three major snow events delivering over 4.5m of powder across the Snowy Mountains and some of the best powder days in years.

But as the season down under draws to a close, we cast our eyes to the northern hemisphere in search of any tasty tidbits of information that might give away the secret of what lies ahead for the North American winter of 2017-18. We’ve already seen a healthy pre-season dump across the North American resorts hopefully there is plenty more to come.

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With the northern winter looming, The Weather Guy has trawled the web and compiled the opinions of the best in the business to shed some light on how things are looking for the upcoming season.

First up, the official call from the US Government’s Nation Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) suggests increased chances of above average temperatures for much of Alaska and the contiguous 48 states, with increased odds of above average precipitation for Western Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies.

The current neutral phase of ENSO is expected to persist throughout the northern hemisphere autumn, with increasing chances of a transition to La Nina from late autumn into winter. It’s also worth noting that these increased chances of above average temperatures have been dialed back since the last outlook due to the increasing chances of La Nina. Let’s hope it keeps going this way.

Probability of temperature anomalies across North America during Dec, Jan & Feb ’17-’18. (Source NOAA)


Probability of precipitation anomalies across North America during Dec, Jan & Feb ’17-’18. (Source NOAA)

The crowd over at the Farmer’s Almanac base their forecasts off a unique collection of variables including sunspot activity, tidal action of the Moon and position of the planets among others. So what are their findings?

The upcoming winter is expected to be fairly average in terms of temperatures, especially across eastern and central parts of the country, mainly the areas to the east of the Rocky Mountains. The western third of the country (mainly west of the Continental Divide) can expected the overall winter to not be as wet as last year. Forecasts are pointing to a return to more normal winter conditions in regard to both temperatures and precipitation. From the Great Lakes to the Northeast, snowier-than-normal conditions are expected. Finally, the western Great Lakes, eastern Great Plains, and points south, including Arklatexoma can expect a wide variation of wild conditions from very cold to very warm and back again!

So there you have it. The call from the official authority and the tried and tested call from the old boys. Here’s to a snowy season up north!

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