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Big snow season on the way?? Maybe, potentially, possibly…hopefully

Posted on 27 Mar, 2019

Yeah baby!? The Bureau of Meteorology are calling for a 50% chance of the first snowfall of the year this weekend! The colder mornings are starting to kick in and the temps on a whole are dropping…just how we like it! Check it out…

What does this mean for the upcoming winter season? What signs are starting to pop up to help us get an idea of what the season holds?ย  Is it gonna dump and be a Blizzard of Oz banger (fingers crossed for the below)?? Or are we in for a dryer season?


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Well snow news is better than no news right? Earlier this week the BOM announced that we’re probbaly heading into an El Nino winter. What the does that mean? An El Nino is likely to develop bringing less precipitation during winter and spring, delivering drier, cooler and cleaner conditions throughout the winter season, especially early season in June and July.

So it’s really good for snowmaking with much cooler and clear nights…Which is kinda cool…But then we wouldn’t expect big dumps! Which we all love. Historically, the maximum snow depth average is 35cm less in El Nino years. Don’t stress though…there is hope!

The years of 1972, 1977 and 1991 were all El Nino years and had well above-average snow depths!

Anything can happen, and right now we’re over 3 months out. Keep your eyes on the weather over the coming weeks and cross those fingers for an awesome season ahead. Also, make sure to checkout our events calendar that is chockablock with parties, live concerts, competitions and just about everything else you can think of! Bring it on….

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