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Thredbo goes renewable

Posted on 9 Jul, 2019

Did you know that in a first for Australian snow resorts, all of Thredbo’s major resort operations are powered by clean, renewable energy? Adding to the long list of environmental initiatives that the resort is so proud of, Thredbo has signed a deal with Red Energy and Snowy Hydro to obtain the resort operations’ electricity supply from renewable sources.

Here are the top initiatives that Thredbo is doing to preserve the playground and backyard that we all love so much:

Renewable Now: In an amazing deal with Red Energy and Snowy Hydro, Thredbo has purchased clean, renewable energy to power all our major resort operations. This deal is a huge step forward to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment into the future.


Greenfleet: Since 2009, Thredbo has partnered with Greenfleet to offset the operation emissions of our entire fleet of snow groomers and company vehicles. You can help out too by purchasing a $4.00 tree to offset your car trip emissions when you buy any lift product.

Protect Our Winters (POW): POW is a passionate crew of snow enthusiasts who care about protecting our incredible winter environment. Our goal through this partnership is to raise awareness on the issue of climate change and to continuously improve Thredbo’s environmental performance.

Environmental Week | 22 – 28 July 2019: Each winter, Thredbo hosts its Environmental Week, designed to raise awareness of the amazing environment Thredbo is located within, together with the initiatives the resort has in place to protect it.

Hike to Kosciuszko with Torah Bright | 22 July 2019: As part of the 2019 Environmental Week, backcountry enthusiasts are invited to celebrate the environment with Thredbo’s favourite Ambassador, Winter Olympic Gold-medallist Torah Bright. The community will come together with a mass hike in nature’s own playground to showcase the environment and what we need to do to care for it.

National Tree Day: Also part of Thredbo’s 2019 Environmental Week, Thredbo has teamed up with Toyota and Greenfleet to make a positive impact on the local community and the environment. Across the weekend of 27 – 28 July 2019, guests can purchase a tree for $4.00 that will offset the emissions of their travel to the snow that is then planted regionally. Thredbo has committed to match all weekend donations dollar for dollar. Since 2014, Thredbo guests have offset nearly 8,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by planting over 30,000 trees.

No more plastic bags! Thredbo has removed all single use plastic bags from all Thredbo outlets as well as moving to biodegradable and commercially compostable packaging, cutlery and paper straws.

Less landfill: During winter 2018, Thredbo employees saved over 7,200 disposable cups from landfill by using reusable cups. Guests can purchase reusable cups from Thredbo retail stores and Thredbo coffee outlets.

LED lights. All of Thredbo’s outlets are using LED lights. LED lights use approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting!

Saving water! The Thredbo Alpine Hotel has implemented flow restrictors on all taps and shower heads to reduce flow volume of water.

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