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Thredbo unveils newest gravity mountain bike trail…Sidewinder

Posted on 6 Oct, 2021 in Biking

Thredbo Resort is home to Australia’s premier mountain bike park offering over 35km of trails and the countries only lift-accessed gravity mountain bike trails. This summer, Thredbo is excited to unveil their newest gravity mountain bike trail, Sidewinder, offering riders of all abilities a fun and exciting downhill thrill.

Starting at the top of the Merritts Gondola, the gravity flow trail wraps around the side of the mountain, passing incredible terrain and fantastic views before finishing at either Friday Flat or Valley Terminal.

The trail is graded as a green trail and takes riders on a roller coaster-like experience with little pedalling & braking. It has deep flowing berms, rolling terrain and some small features to test your skills.

Sidewinder is the perfect introduction to gravity mountain biking and gives first-timers the confidence to step up to the rest of the trails. However, it’s not just for beginners. Sidewinder gives intermediates and advanced riders the chance to get creative with their lines and practice their skills on a cruisy, fun track.

If you’re looking to tweak your mountain biking skills, gain confidence riding the mountain, or after tips on trying something new, the Thredbo MTB instructors has a clinic for you.

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