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Let’s Keep It Green Everyday! Wrapping Up A Successful Environment Week At Thredbo

Posted on 29 Jul, 2022


Environment Week may be wrapping up but our responsibility to protect and prioritise the environment never ends. Keep scrolling to check out all the enviro-friendly fun we had this week and get some handy tips for how you can help make a difference every day.

On Monday, we kicked off Environment Week with a Tour to the Top of Mt Kosciuszko where the community spent time appreciating our beautiful mountain and raising awareness about our environmental initiatives.

Following the hike, the community came together for an Environment & Sustainability Night to hear from a host of passionate environmental speakers, including Huw Kingston who officially began his Alpine Odyssey today. The expedition will see him ski the entire 600km length of the Australian Alps and stop in at every resort along the way, with a mission to raise funds for Our Yarning.

The Environment and Sustainability Night also played host to André Russ from EarthCheck and their presentation to Thredbo on achieving the EarthCheck Gold Certification for the second year in a row, a first for an Australian ski resort.

We had environmental initiatives running all week long including a Heat the Homeless appeal which saw our community donate their pre-loved snow jackets to help warm those sleeping rough and prevent them from contributing to landfill. We also teamed up with Greenfleet and Keep It Cool to match all carbon offset donations, meaning that we went tree for tree with every guest that donated to offset their trip to the snow.

To close out a great week of environmental initiatives, we teamed up with Green Caffeen to give out free coffees on Friday. We all got caffeinated for a good cause, raising awareness for Green Caffeen’s swap-and-go reusable coffee cup system.

Here’s to another successful Environment Week!

What's Next?

You can be an enviro legend every day! Here’s what you can do to help us protect the environment every day…

  • Reduce & Reuse
    • Reduce the need for single-use items.
    • Bring a re-usable bag, a re-usable water bottle and re-usable coffee cup.
  • Recycle and Buy Recycle
    • Re-direct recyclable items away from landfill.
  • Be A Conscious Consumer
    • Try to avoid buying brand new gear each season. Check out the Op Shop!
    • Try mending broken items rather than getting rid of them.
  • Travel Smart to Reduce Your Emissions
    • Buy a tree through Greenfleet for $5, offsetting your CO2 emissions from travel.
    • Carpool on your journey, therefore sharing emissions between a number of people.
  • Turn It Off!
    • Turn lights and appliances off at the wall.
    • Try putting the heating on a timer and make sure your home is suitably insulated for the winter.
  • Food Waste
    • Try to eat locally grown food and seasonal produce to reduce the carbon footprint of your plate.
    • Compost scraps and leftovers into fertiliser for your garden.

Thredbo sits on the traditional land of the Monero – Ngarigo people who have looked after this land, water and community for over 70,000 years. We thank them for all they have done and continue to do to look after their country, a special place which we all love and respect.

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