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Diving Into Our Sustainability Targets This Environment Week

Posted on 22 Jul, 2023 in About Thredbo

Happy Environment Week!

We take pride in our long list of environmental initiatives and embrace the opportunity to lead our industry and our community through our shared passion of the mountains towards a more sustainable future, today.

Every year, we set ourselves sustainability targets that help us to move forward and achieve our environmental goals. Keep scrolling as we dive into our 2026 Sustainability Targets.

Achieve Carbon Neutral Certification for Thredbo Operations by December 2026

Understanding our responsibilities to the wider environment, and recognising our dependence on a sustainable climate, Thredbo is working towards gaining a recognised carbon-neutral certification. This will support our ongoing energy and emissions reduction efforts.

Reduce Village Waste-to-Landfill by 10% Over 2022-2023 Levels by December 2026

It is our responsibility to continue our work in reducing impacts on the Snowy Mountains from the generation of waste. Landfill waste is a non-sustainable and finite pathway for recourses. Our waste-to-landfill reduction target aims to replace landfill with waste-avoidance, reuse or recycling alternatives.

Reduce Village Potable Water Usage by 10% Over 2022-23 Levels (excluding snowmaking) by December 2026

The Thredbo River, and the subsequent rivers it feeds, are vital pieces of Australia’s freshwater system. The mighty Snowy River and the famous Murray River are both linked to Thredbo through snowfall and spring-time melts. Our drinking, washing and swimming water all comes from the Thredbo River and it is our responsibility to protect all natural and human requirements through wise water usage in Thredbo, and beyond.

Waste-to-landfill and water usage are measured per “Person Year”; a metric that measures the amount of time an individual spends in Thredbo. “Person Years” works as a comparable milestone each year that reflects the seasonal tourism in Thredbo, and encourages all Thredbo residents, staff & guests to play their part in reducing waste and water usage.

To see everything that’s happening in Thredbo this Environment Week, please click here.


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Thredbo sits on the traditional land of the Monero – Ngarigo people who have looked after this land, water and community for over 60,000 years. We thank them for all they have done and continue to do to look after their country, a special place which we all love and respect.

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