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Acrobatic Centre Of Excellence (ACE)

Thredbo has partnered with the NSW Institute of Sport to create the perfect training ground for the next generation of freestyle riders.

Acrobatic Centre of Excellence Features:

  • Two Olympic sized trampolines – one with harness and one free
  • One 5x5m Supertramp
  • One ‘Waterfall’ trampoline with airbag

Thredbo Leisure Centre has access to the Acrobatic Centre of Excellence (ACE), which allows them to organise and run public access training sessions throughout the year. Contact Thredbo Leisure Centre on (02) 6459 4138 to enquire further or book a session.

ACE Trampoline Weekend, Winter & School Holiday Program | More info coming soon…

Age: 8 years & over

  • 30 minute supervised trampoline sessions
  • All supervisors are First Aid and CPR qualified, and have prior tramp experience.
  • General safety rules apply and all groups will be inducted into the facility
  • Our staff enforce the one person per trampoline rule and ensure jumpers do not attempt any activity beyond their skill level
  • Bookings are essential

We will not be offering a structured class as we have done in previous years which will allow for the facility to be used as a recreational bounce facility.

Trampoline rules

  • Socks must be worn
  • Only one person on each trampoline at a time
  • Do not attempt any activity beyond your skill level
  • No double bouncing
  • No rough play or pushing.
  • Safely land on two feet or your bum when bouncing
  • No Double flips
  • Look out for other jumpers and give smaller bouncers the right of way
  • Stay in the centre of the trampoline
  • Do not sit or lie on the safety mats around the tramp
  • Obey all of the rules and instructions given by ACE trampoline staff or you will be asked to leave the facility

The Acrobatic Centre of Excellence (ACE) training facility was established as a talent transfer and elite acrobatic training facility. It is conveniently located at the Thredbo Leisure Centre and utilised for Thredbo Snowsports Mountain Academy and Development Squad Programs. The ACE is jointly funded by Ski and Snowboard Australia and Kosciuszko Thredbo.

Dryland Acrobatic Training:

The use of dryland acrobatic training facilities has been a key component to the successful development of many elite level freestyle athletes. Trampolines, foam pits and airbags allow athletes to fine tune the body movements required to perform inverted aerial manoeuvres without risk of serious injury.

A testament to the value of these facilities can be drawn by the huge progression in the manoeuvres freestyle athletes are performing in the competitive arena over the past 10 years. These new aerial ‘tricks’ have all been developed, performed and perfected on dryland facilities before an athlete first performs them on-snow.

From pathway programs to elite level programs, these valuable dryland training facilities have now become a central component to any successful freestyle or freeride training programs.

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