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Know Your Level

Our experienced team of instructors are dedicated to your progression on the slopes.

When you’re booking a lesson, please specify your level so we can match you with the best instructors.

Adults & Teens (15+ Years)

1First timerFirst time skiingFirst time snowboarding
2BeginnerYou can stop and start. Time to ride the lift!You can heelside and toeside turn your board. Time to ride the lift!
3BeginnerYou can ride the lift and snowplough turn.You can ride the lift and are beginning to link turns.
4IntermediateYou're starting to perform parallel turns and are moving faster down the hill.You can link your turns. Time to take your riding to the next level and try some varied terrain
5IntermediateReady to start performing long and short parallel turnsIt's time to link your turns on steeper terrain, take on beginner jumps and learn how to ride switch.
6IntermediateYou're mastering Blue runs and taking on more Black runs. You are exploring more challenging terrain and bettering your technique. You have mastered Green and Blue runs. You're now linking turns down Black runs confidently and ready to learn some tricks in the park.
7AdvancedYou're making parallel turns with pole plants. Time to learn dynamic short turns to ski bumps and steeper terrain.Master of the Black runs. Time to learn technical freestyle riding and advanced freeride riding.
8AdvancedYou've mastered every run. It's time to get off-piste and into the powder, bumps, cliffs and steeps.You've mastered every run. Time to get off-piste and take on cliffs, drops and stepper terrain.

Kids (3 – 14 Years) | Ski

1Beginner3 year olds who have never skied before.

Kids aged 4 - 14 who have never skied before.

BeginnerKids who have skied but are still working towards stopping unassisted and making slight direction changes

Can snowplough stop. Working towards linking turns and an Introduction to the chairlift.

BeginnerAble to link snowplough turns. Working on matching skis parallel at the end of the turn, skating and traversing.

Able to make strong snowplough turns, traverse and skate. Working towards controlling speed through turn shape on green terrain.
4IntermediateMatching skis parallel at the end of every turn on green terrain. Beginning to explore easy blue runs. Working on simultaneous edge release and hockey stops.
5IntermediateBasic parallel turns on green and easy blue runs. Working on refining parallel. Introduction to pole use.
6IntermediateStrong parallel turns on all green and blue runs, able to make a pole touch and vary turn shape to cope with different terrain. Attempting easy black runs.
7AdvancedAble to ski a strong parallel turn on black terrain, make short turns with a timed pole plant on all blue runs and link turns through moguls.
8AdvancedAble to ski dynamic parallel turns (long and short) on all runs. Able to ski fall-line moguls on black terrain with a strong pole plant. Able to ski all snow conditions.

Kids (5 – 14 Years) | Snowboard

1BeginnerKids who have never snowboarded before.
2BeginnerKids who have boarded before and can slideslip and stop on their heelside. Learning to falling leaf and ride the chairlift.
3BeginnerAble to sideslip on both heelside and toeside. Learning to link turns on green runs.
4IntermediateConfidently links turns on green runs. Beginning to explore easy blue runs. Ready to introduce beginner jumps.
5IntermediateConfidently links turns on easy blue runs and ready to explore steeper terrain. Starting to learn easy tricks and park features.
6IntermediateRides all blue terrain and attempting easy black runs. Able to do small jumps and ride switch on green terrain.
7AdvancedAble to link turns on black runs and confident in all snow conditions on and off piste. Can ride switch on blue terrain and able to do intermediate tricks.
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