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Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Definitions & Terms Used

“Customer” means a customer who has been issued with a Gift Card by either the Promoter or Purchaser pursuant to the Program and is the specified holder of the Gift Card.

“Gift Card” means a QR coded card (digital or physical) featuring a stored dollar value (Gift Dollars) issued to the Customer ranging from $20 to $250 available in AUD.

“Gift Dollars” means the pre-determined nominated dollar value which is pre-loaded on to the Gift Card at the time of issue and specified on the physical or digital card.

“Participating Outlets” means the outlets listed at, as amended from time to time.

“Program” means the Kosciuszko Thredbo Gift Card Program, as governed by these Terms and Conditions.

“Program Goods and Services” means lift passes, lessons, rental equipment, retail items, and food & beverage items provided by Participating Outlets in the Program which Customers may redeem using their Gift Dollars.

“Promoter” means Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd in its capacity as manager of the Program in conjunction with any authorised fulfilment agencies.

“Purchaser” means a customer that orders and purchases a Gift Card from the Promoter pursuant to the Program on behalf of a Customer.

Use of Gift Card at Participating Outlets

Gift Cards are used to redeem Program Goods and Services at Participating Outlets. The Customer should present the original Gift Card at the Participating Outlet and inform staff if they wish to redeem the Gift Dollars in exchange for Program Goods and Services.

Copies of Gift Cards will not be accepted. Gift Cards will be deemed void if altered in any way. A Participating Outlet may refuse to accept a damaged Gift Card if it considers on reasonable grounds that the card has been altered, stolen, defaced or is being used in a criminal or fraudulent manner.

Gift Cards and associated Gift Dollars, or Program Goods and Services bought with them, are not redeemable for cash or credit card transactions.

Gift Cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen and should be treated with the same care and security as cash.

The card remains the property of the Promoter.

If there are sufficient Gift Dollars on a Customer’s Gift Card to redeem the selected Program Goods and Services in full, the Gift Dollars cannot be used in conjunction with part-cash payments. If there are insufficient Gift Dollars on the Customer’s Gift Card to redeem the selected Program Goods and Services in full, then the balance may be settled by the Customer with a cash or credit card payment.

The list of Participating Outlets will change over time. A list of current Participating Outlets can be found online at Please check the website or contact the Promoter to confirm if a particular outlet is a Participating Outlet in the Program.

Gift Cards may not be “topped up” with additional Gift Dollars to those already pre-loaded onto the Gift Card at the point of issue. Additional Gift Dollars will require the purchase of a new Gift Card and associated Gift Dollars, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. A Customer can redeem Gift Dollars in exchange for Program Goods and Services from multiple (two or more) Gift Cards at the same time.

No Re-Sale or Promotional Use

Gift Cards may not be re-sold, on-supplied or transferred for commercial, consumer or promotional purposes, bundled with other goods and services or used for promotional purposes without the Promoter’s prior written consent.

Purchase & Payment of Gift Cards

Subject to availability, purchase of physical Gift Cards may be conducted at the front desk of Participating Outlets. Digital Gift Cards can be purchased at Online orders must be purchased using a valid credit card.

Gift Cards are distributed when full payment (of the amount equating to the number of Gift Dollars pre-loaded on the card) is received by the Promoter (including any service, transaction fees or postage charges) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Refunds and exchanges are not available if you simply change your mind after full payment is received.

Gift Cards are issued in Australian dollars (AUD) only. All prices are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. Any other taxes, charges, fees or duties that are, or may be levied on such prices or Program Goods and Services must be paid for by the Purchaser unless otherwise stated.

Expiry Date of Gift Cards

Gift Cards will be valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue (“Validity Period”).

The expiry date for:

  • physical Gift Cards is specified on the actual Gift Card; and
  • digital Gift Cards is specified on the product terms and on the email confirmation sent to the Purchaser.

Stolen or Lost Cards

In the event of a Gift Card being lost or stolen, a Customer is not entitled to a cash refund of any unused “Gift Dollars’. The Customer should contact the Promoter directly.

The Promoter will not accept any responsibility for stolen, lost, damaged or wilfully defaced Gift Cards or for any unauthorised or fraudulent use thereof.


To the extent permitted by law (and without limiting the Australian Consumer Law or Consumer Guarantees) each party:

  1. excludes all warranties;
  2. excludes liability for any indirect or consequential loss or damage including loss of profits and loss of revenue; and
  3. limits their liability to any one or more of the following:
    1. in relation to goods, replacing or repairing the goods or supplying an equivalent item, or paying the costs or replacing, repairing or hiring an equivalent item; or
    2. in relation to services, the re-supply of the services or payment of the cost of having the services re-supplied.

Acceptance of Terms

The submission or receipt of an order is deemed to constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


The Promoter may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time and you agree to be bound by that variation from when it appears on this Site for any purchases of Gift Cards made after the relevant amendment.


You may contact Thredbo Guest Services on 1300 020 589 (within Australia) for assistance with Gift Cards, including to confirm the Validity Period of a Gift Card.


The Promoter collects, handles and uses personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy which can be found here:

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