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Thredbo Guided Hikes | Best Views in Australia…

Posted on 11 Dec, 2017

Thredbo’s hiking season is ON! Let the summer adventures begin…it’s time to soak in all that the Snowy Mountains have to offer. There’s been a handful of guided hikes so far this season and guests have all returned stoked. Whether it’s a hike to conquer Kozzie or a full day trek to checkout the only ancient glacial lakes in Australia…there’s an adventure for everyone to get their feet stuck into. Checkout the highlights from a hike to Kozzie below…can you believe there is still snow lingering around…in SUMMER!

The hike to Kosciuszko is one that all guests of Thredbo love, one of the best things about the hike is that the Kosciuszko Express chairlift gets you up to 1980m, allowing anyone to have a go and hike to the top of Australia. The hike from the top of the chairlift is roughly a 4 hour round trip and can be done with a guide or you can embark on the adventure on your own, there is a purpose built track all the way to the top. Checkout this cool virtual tour you can take of the walk…get that mental picture going of you standing on the top of the highest point in Australia #ConquerKozzie #BucketList


On the weekend, hikers we’re greeted with snow drifts at about 1.5km past the base of the Kosciuszko Express chairlift…incredible! The streams are now mostly all exposed and are looking beautiful, some guests we’re even lucky enough to spot the Mountain Galaxias, a fish that you can only find in the alpine area that’s roughly 10cm in length.


One of the most iconic features of the Kosciuszko walk is the striking views of the surrounding alpine glacial lake. These lakes were formed by ancient continental and tectonic plate collisions, forming the rugged and unique terrain of the Snowy Mountains.

The walk doesn’t just offer stunning sights of surrounding mountains but also an abundance of vegetation such as specific wildflowers that are very unique to Australia. At the moment you can see the Marsh Marigold, Alpine Buttercup, Mountain Hovea and leafy bossiaea. Below are a few images from Saturdays hike just past.

After about 2 hours of hiking and taking in the beautiful scenery, you reach the summit, where you can snap your selfie and shout out to the whole of Australia “I CONQUERED KOZZIE!!!”.

The Mt. Kosciuszko Sunset Hikes are must do for those with a bit of adventure in their belly and stars in their sight. You’ll be guided up in the afternoon to stand at the top of Australia and watch the last rays of the day race across the Australian High Country. On your way back down to base, stars will light up the night sky and leave you amazed with no surrounding city lights to ruin this beautiful moment.



Image: Lucas Wilkinson
Image: Lucas Wilkinson


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