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Thredbo Celebrates 30 Years of Gravity

Posted on 4 Nov, 2020 in Biking

Thredbo Resort is celebrating 30 years as Australia’s Premier Mountain Bike Park this season! We’re really excited to launch our ’30 Years of Gravity’ campaign today with the release of our first episode of a three part series. ’30 Years of Gravity’ is a deep dive into the rich culture and history of mountain biking in Thredbo…From trail development, equipment, events, characters and more. We’re covering the best of the best from three amazing decades of action and good times.

The first episode unveiled today, focuses on the golden era of the ’90s, when the sport first came to Thredbo and showcases just how far the sport has evolved since its early days! It’ll make you feel grateful for modern brakes and suspension technology and get you stoked to get on your bike this summer.

The series features iconic mountain bike personalities including World Cup downhill racer Jared Rando.

“Suspension was simple at best. Thredbo was effectively a fire road top to bottom then. Riding down a fire road going 60-90 kilometres an hour with V-brakes, short travel, bad suspension and an ice cream bucket for a helmet, it was absolutely terrifying,” Rando said.

From the gravel fire roads of the ’90s, Thredbo has since transformed into a mountain bike mecca with an extensive 34-kilometre bike trail network spanning downhill, flow, cross-country and all-mountain to provide something for everyone.

Since 2013, Thredbo has hosted one of the biggest MTB festivals in the world, the Cannonball MTB Festival, which every year attracts more than 1000 competitors including world champions and rising stars from all over the globe. The Thredbo Super Enduro has also become a stand-out event on the country’s MTB calendar, a huge day of racing attracting some of the most skilled and grittiest competitors over a gruelling 5-hour race. Due to Covid-19 restrictions this summer Thredbo has needed to postpone the events until next year.

Thredbo is getting ready for a huge summer of mountain biking with the official summer season launching on 21 November. The Ricochet trail is already dialled in and ready for riding plus there’s a stack of new developments in the works for this summer.

Stay tuned for the remaining episodes of 30 Years of Gravity to drop over the next couple of weeks.

 If you’re new to mountain biking or looking to progress your skills, find out about our mountain bike clinics here. 

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