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Thredbo Hikes Track Report | December 4

Posted on 4 Dec, 2020 in Hikes Track Report

Track Report by Rachael Schultz | Guest Services Outdoor Operations Manager

Summer is here! Don’t let the warm days and blue skies trick you into not packing that waterproof layer. Afternoon storms have been a theme this week with the temperature dropping and the weather arriving from over the range.


Bog Heath, Coral Heath, Swamp Heath, Snow and Variable Eyebrights light up the path to Mt Kosciuszko Lookout. From here the ‘Kosci Cornice’ – band of snow – is still framing the top of Australia’s highest peak. The last time snowdrifts were recorded year-round on the range was in 1997. With a warmer and wetter winter this year, the drifts are vanishing even faster than usual.

Variable Eyebrights


Beyond the lookout the elevated track is undergoing improvements. Small diversions around the construction are in place and we ask walkers to please tread lightly and thoughtfully when off the designated track.

We encourage all visitors to ‘leave no trace’ when enjoying your time hiking. There are no bins located along the walking tracks, all visitors should please be prepared to carry out and dispose of waste consciously and appropriately.

Herbfield Celmisia


Male funnel-webs are out and about wandering in search of females in their burrows of late. Most activity does occur at night but be mindful where you sit for a break or put your bag down, Funnel-webs burrow in damp and cooler areas in rocky habitats.

Keep a keen eye out for the ground dwelling bird, Australasian Pipit. These brown birds can be spotted rock hopping whilst snacking on grasshoppers and beetles or calling out with an abrupt and cheery ‘ch’rip’.

Mountain Celery (a dioecious herb) are beginning to develop their white, cream cauliflower looking heads. ‘Paper Daisy’ like  Alpine Sunrays are flowering out of the soft,  grey woolly foliage. Herbfield Celmisia is flowering from its silver lined, grass like leaves. The long, yellow flower of the Candle Heath is starting to grow sky high out of the wet areas.

Mountain Celery in bloom
Candle Heath


If you stop for a snack in the foliage of Merritt’s Nature Track or Dead Horse Gap you will likely encounter a visit from a Red Wattlebird. These larger, noisy and confident honeyeaters feed on flower of eucalypts and likely what you pack for lunch. Their bright red trademark cheek makes them easy to identify.

Kosciuszko Rose is a showy shrub in bloom, the long curved stem leads to the white intricate flower head. Native bitter-cress is blooming in herbfields and the Alpine Mint Bush has begun its aromatic display alongside drainage areas.

For the most current lift and trail status click here.

Kosciuszko Rose


Alpine Mint Bush

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them their cultures, and elders past, present and future.

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