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Best Snowy Mountains Bike Rides | Thredbo Valley Track

Posted on 4 Feb, 2021 in Biking

It’s one of the most scenic rides in the region and this week we experienced the Thredbo Valley Track first-hand.

The picturesque trail stretches all the way from Thredbo to Gaden Trout Hatchery for the ultimate 35-kilometre adventure, or for a more leisurely and beginner-friendly option you can ride from Thredbo Resort to Thredbo Diggings campground.

The 14.5-kilometre ride to Diggings Campground takes approximately one and an half hours one-way.

If you don’t have your own bike Thredbo Rentals has everything you need to rent from kids bikes to cross-country and e-bikes. We chose to rent e-bikes for our leisurely ride for an added boost on the trails!

With our bags packed with a picnic lunch, swimmers, towel and plenty of water, we set off for our adventure.

The trail wound its way along the Thredbo River and over picturesque suspension bridges through thick eucalyptus forests. The terrain was mixed with rocky and rooty sections, short uphills – where the e-bike really came into its own- and a few nice flowing berms added in to the mix.

Along the way thereโ€™s plenty of nice spots to explore including the Ngarigo campground which is the perfect place to stop off for a picnic and a swim in the river.

The trail continues on to the Diggings campground, which is another nice place to take a dip in the Thredbo River on a sunny day. After a couple of hours of riding we made it to Thredbo Diggings where we stopped for lunch before travelling back to Thredbo.

For those keen on riding one-way you can organise a local shuttle service to pick you up and drive you back to Thredbo.

To find out more and to plan your next adventure click here.

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