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Thredbo Hikes Track Report | 9 November

Posted on 9 Nov, 2021 in Hikes Track Report

Track Report by Rachael Schultz | Guest Services Outdoor Operations Manager

Thredbo hiking season officially opens on the 20th of November – we got out there to check the track conditions early.


This 2km walk is completely clear of snow, the upgrades undertaken last summer have made this possible. Some snow does meet the track but does not cross it, making it a safe and comfortable rewarding walk. The combination of snowmelt and rain over the past months has resulted in torrents of water moving through Merritts Creek and some rapids forming in unexpected places.  Alpine Marsh-marigolds are scattered around the snow melt edges making the most of their short seasonal bloom. Touches of yellow are appearing as the Gunn’s Alpine Buttercup begin to open in mostly wet sites.

For hikers headed beyond the lookout be mindful that two large, steep, off camber drifts remain before reaching the summit. Caution is advised, on overcast days it can be challenging to know where to reconnect with the track.

Alpine Marsh-marigolds


Gunn’s Alpine Buttercup


Snow hugs the walking track.


The upper track out of Thredbo has two major snowdrifts, it is not advisable to hike this part as water is rapidly coursing below the drifts and reconnecting with the track can be difficult. Thredbo River Walk is in prime condition, clear of fallen trees, muddy conditions have began to dry out.  Splashes of yellow line the Alpine Way and Thredbo River from the blooms of Leafy Bossiaea and the early stages of the Common Shaggy pea, also known and ‘Egg and Bacon’.

Across wetter sections keep an eye out underfoot for Blue Planarians, these electric blue flatworms leave behind a slime trail to capture small prey. Strong, sweet scents of Yellow Kunzea and Alpine Grevillea can’t be missed as the powerful nectar attracts birds to flock by Thredbo River as the months being to warm.


Blue Planarian.


Large snow crossing on upper Dead Horse Gap Track.


Water and snow covering large sections of the upper track.


Alpine Grevillea.


Purple Hovea.

To make the most of lift operating hours and hiking opportunities check out the lift and trail status here.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them their cultures, and Elders past, present and emerging.

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