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Snowy Mountains Best Hikes | Thredbo’s Iconic Dead Horse Gap

Posted on 20 Jan, 2021 in Activities

We got a sneak peek into one of Thredbo’s most iconic guided hikes this week and it did not disappoint.

With one of Thredbo’s expert guides leading the way, we were treated to a behind the scenes tour of the iconic Dead Horse Gap Hike. Kicking off from the top of the Kosciuszko Chairlift, the 10-kilometre journey is a grade 3 hike and takes approximately 4 hours (it’s advised to allow 4-5 hours for the journey).

The hike began with incredible views of the Snowy Mountains that stretched all the way to Lake Jindabyne with our guide sharing the history of how skiing came to Thredbo and how the snowmaking ponds are used to create snow over winter.

We hiked up above the subalpine zone and into alpine grasslands where we wandered past incredible granite rocks known as Tors and learned about the Bogong Moths that live there.

Along the way we received incredible tidbits of knowledge about the area and learned about the unique features of the landscape, plants and animals, which a humble observer would usually walk straight past. We looked out for the rare black and yellow Corroboree frogs that are endemic to the area with 49 of the frogs believed to have been in the region before the recent bushfires.  And we saw the devastation from this year’s bushfires and remnants from the 2003 bushfires.

We learned about the fragile eco system, including how to protect the special moss that sustains life in the area, and saw unique species of plants including alpine celery and buttercups that people from all over the world travel here to see.

Throughout the hike we were treated to endless photo opportunities whilst soaking in the fresh mountain air, stunning views of the Snowy Mountains and bird song.  After a few hours the hike weaved its way down the mountains and along the Thredbo river trail back to the village where we agreed we couldn’t wait to tell our friends to book a guided hike this summer.

For more information or to book a guided hike click here. 

Here’s our top tips to prepare for your hike!

What to wear:
• Layers
• Sunscreen
• Hat
• Suitable footwear

What to bring:
• A backpack
• Water
• Snacks
• Phone/camera to take photos

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