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Children's Seasonal Programs

Thredbo Snow Sports prides itself in delivering premium ski and snowboard development programs for kids of all ages. Thredbo’s Children’s Seasonal Programs have been recognised at the Snow Australia Community Sport Awards for providing up and coming skiers and snowboarders with some of the best coaches and programs in Australia.

Our Seasonal Programs are designed for quick progression in both skiing and snowboarding. All of Thredbo’s seasonal programs form part of the pathways programs for Snow Australia, supporting the development of young athletes who are committed to developing their ski and snowboard skills for competition across alpine racing, ski cross/snowboard cross, moguls, ski/snowboard slopestyle, freeride/big mountain and overall skill acquisition. All this in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

  • 2022 Mountain Academy Try Outs is scheduled for 28 August. Find Out More
  • 2021 Seasonal Programs enrolments have now closed.

2021 Program Details

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Age Program Name Schedule Start Date
3 - 6 Little Rippers 12 x Sundays 27 June Details & Calendar
3 - 4 Form Your Own Team Thursdays (Ski Only) 12 x Thursdays 24 June Details & Calendar
7 - 14 Shred Crew 12 x Sundays 27 June Details & Calendar
7 - 17 Development Squad (19 Days) 19 Days 26 June Details & Calendar
7 - 17 Development Squad (24 Days) 24 Days 26 June Details & Calendar
8 - 17 Development Squad (30 Days) 30 Days 26 June Details & Calendar
7 - 17 Development Squad (School Holidays Only) 13 days 26 June Details & Calendar
10 - 17 Mountain Academy 44 days 12 June Details & Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, NSW Active Kids Vouchers can be applied to season long programs including Little Rippers, Shred Crew, Development Squad (season-long only) and Mountain Academy.

You must check the NSW Active Kids Voucher option when you book the program online.

Our Mountain Academy programs will be delivered/advertised in disciplines where suitably skilled coaches are available this season. Please email any general questions/new interest for Mountain Academy winter 2021 to seasonal_programs@evt.com.

In the first couple of weeks of the program there can be group changes to ensure all children are at similar ability levels. We aim to have every child skiing or snowboarding with the same group and instructor for the remainder of the season to ensure consistency.

We will always aim to keep the coach the same for the duration of each separate program, though we cannot guarantee the same coach between the two programs. However, the Form Your Own Team coach will remain the same for the season just as the Little Ripper coach will remain the same for consistency.

Additional days can be accessed through the Thredboland and Freeriders programs with discounts of up to 15% off the 1 day rate. Please note that there are no guaranteed maximum group sizes and the rate is available to program participants only.

Additional training days will be available for Development Squad Athletes. Please see program page for specific dates.

We understand that children learn at different rates. Additional ski/snowboard days can be purchased so your child can have a few extra days on skis outside of the seasonal program. We cannot guarantee your child will be able to ski with his/her coach for the additional days.

Private lessons can also be purchased for your child to have a one on one lesson with his/her coach.

The Little Rippers and Shred Crew programs follow a pathway of skills and terrain progression while having fun. Putting your child into a seasonal program will help them learn the foundations of skiing/snowboarding and mountain safety, both of which are key requirements to enter Development Squad.

Thredbo Snow Sports works closely with the Thredbo Alpine Hotel to create a suitable and hearty menu, perfect for sustaining long days on the slopes. Some examples include chicken wraps, tacos, sausage sandwiches, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, quiche, veggie sticks, salad, crackers and cheese, popcorn, fruit.

Every day is a training day. If the weather is inclement the group will choose the most appropriate time to get out and make the most of it on portions of the mountain that will have the best conditions at the time. It is also important to train in these conditions to improve consistency as the same weather may be present on any given competition day your child may be participating in.

For Development Squad and Mountain Academy, the coaches may also include dry land training at Thredbo Leisure Centre, utilising the sports hall, suitable fitness equipment and the trampolining facilities.

It is recommended that athletes attend all training days, however we do understand that illness and other life commitments can at times interfere with snow days.

Missed training days cannot be made up as the coach will be allocated/present and the group will train regardless of athlete attendance.

No, kids must bring their own equipment on a daily basis. Coaches will manage dry land gear. We ask that you please do not drop bags and/or equipment inside Thredboland individually.

Little Rippers may leave their skis in Thredboland throughout the season. Collection on non program days is not available between 8:45am and 9:15am daily.

Money and snacks are not required.

Many parents choose to place a healthy nut free snack in their child’s pocket to ensure there is always something to eat when out and about on the mountain.

Please discuss money and break options with your child’s coach or instructor. There may be the odd occasion that older groups will stop for a hot chocolate on the mountain.

Each individual coach and athlete will have their own equipment needs. Please talk with your coach.

We recommend a pair of GS or Slalom skis, an all mountain ski is also suitable with correctly sized poles. An all mountain snowboard for snowboard athletes is recommended. Helmets should be professionally fitted and appropriate for snow sports use. Hard-eared helmets are suggested for gate training. Boots should be professionally fitted to ensure sizing and stiffness is suitable for the athlete.

Twin tip skis are an optional extra and are generally not suitable for the majority of training.

At times dry land gear will be required. Shorts, T-Shirt, running shoes and socks as well as a water bottle. This gear is to be given to coaches on arrival.

Each individual instructor and coach will create their own set of rules and expectations for a group.

The leadership team at Thredbo Snow Sports take inappropriate behavior very seriously as each and every participants safety is our priority.

If you have a concern, please speak to your instructor or coach in the first instance. If the issue is not resolved please reach out to the program supervisor.

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