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Ramshead Hike

Private Hike

Distance: Half Day – 7km | Full Day – 15km  Grade: 4
Highlights: Reflection pools, granite tors, seasonal wildflowers
Hike Type: Private Guided Hike only

Explore the vast beauty of the Main Range, see the pristine reflection pools and take in amazing views.

What’s included:
  • 15-minute scenic chairlift ride with sweeping views of Thredbo valley and Kosciusko National Park
  • Walk to Mt Kosciuszko Lookout before stepping off the worn track and into fields of flowers
  • Wander amongst and over and through granite tors, traverse old grazing grounds
  • Take photos from spectacular spots from each summit of the Ramshead Range
  • Whilst you stop for lunch, spot some of Victoria’s highest peaks
  • Your guide will point out native flora and endemic species at regular break points
  • Discover how the landscape you cross was once used and how it was shaped
  • Creek hopping before rejoining the trail to Eagles Nest to relax on the chairlift returning to Thredbo Village in the afternoon
  • For the half day, 7km option: We will take a shorter return loop after exploring North Ramshead and Aries Tor, returning to Thredbo Village by lunchtime.

Ramshead Hike is a popular hike with many photo opportunities along the way. Private Hikes will return in late 2022. Conditions are most favorable from December to March.

15+ years only. Full Terms & Conditions

What You Need To Know

Thredbo Guided Hikes reserves the right to cancel a hike at any time.

This may be due to but not limited to any of the following:

  • Lightning
  • Winds over 70km/hour
  • Extreme weather conditions: fire, rain, hail or snow
  • Poor air quality
  • Medical incident

In the event that a hike is cancelled prior to the commencement date, a full refund will be issued. No refund will be issued if the hike is cancelled or the goal of the hike is not met during the activity.

We recommend checking the weather beforehand and pack for all weather conditions.

As we will be travelling throughout the day temperatures vary, so using a layering system is recommended with many light layers, especially on your upper body. As this is a long walk in a remote location being prepared is essential including full wet weather gear.

  • Waterproof/wind stopper jacket, rain pants are also recommended.
  • A warm layer, fleece or wool is ideal.
  • Minimum 2L of water per person.
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Enclosed walking shoes, preferably boots with good socks.
  • Lunch and snacks.
  • Gloves and a warm hat.
  • Camera.
  • Any medication that might be needed (eg. Ventolin).

It’s important to let your guide know if you have any pre-existing medical conditions (such as motion sickness, fear of heights, heart conditions, pregnancy, asthma and musculoskeletal issues) prior to the walk. This will help us cater the walk to your needs and make your trip more enjoyable.

We encourage guests to Leave No Trace and observe the Hiking Responsibility Code:

  • Pack a reusable water bottle – our guides will point out the refill station at the bottom of the chairlifts
  • Dispose of all waste properly – no bins are located on hiking trails; all waste is to be disposed in appropriate locations across Thredbo Village
  • Travel on durable surfaces – remain on designated walking tracks or travel on surfaces which can tolerate trampling. Much of the alpine ecosystem is fragile and cannot recover from trampling
  • Leave what you find – do not pick or remove anything natural
  • Respect wildlife – appreciate wildlife through quiet and observation from afar
  • Be considerate of hosts and other visitors – remain on left hand side of hiking trails to allow for 2-way traffic and others to pass. Do not play music aloud when hiking.

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Thredbo sits on the traditional land of the Monero – Ngarigo people who have looked after this land, water and community for over 70,000 years.  We thank them for all they have done and continue to do to look after their country, a special place which we all love and respect.

Any Questions?

For more information please contact Thredbo’s knowledgeable guides at 

Thredbo sits on the traditional land of the Monero – Ngarigo people who have looked after this land, water and community for over 70,000 years. We thank them for all they have done and continue to do to look after their country, a special place which we all love and respect.

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