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Witnessing the Geminids Meteor Shower from the roof of Australia

Posted on 16 Dec, 2021 in Festivals & Events

On a clear December night in the Kosciusko National Park, fifteen guests and four Thredbo Guides set off to watch the annual Geminids Meteor Shower from the summit of the highest mountain in Australia. The overnight journey to watch this astronomical event started after the clock struck midnight, with the team setting off on the 6.5km hike to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko at 1am.

Meteor hike
Photo Credit: Debra Malone

Head Thredbo Guide, Alex Parsons said they could not have got better weather.

“The weather was perfect. It was relatively warm, there were little clouds and barely any wind,” Ms Parsons said.

The two-hour hike took the group through the open plains of the alpine region and over some snowdrifts, with the moon helping to guide them along the path. On the way they encountered a few animal sightings, spotting three nocturnal Spiny Crayfish and some Kosciusko Funnel Webs.

Meteor Hike
Photo Credit: Debra Malone

The team reached the summit just after 3am which was just in time for them to witness the almost full orange moon setting into the mountains. For the next two hours, the guests were treated with hot chocolates, snacks and tea as they gazed upon the incredible astronomical event above from the highest mountain in Australia.

“Once the moon set, the meteor shower was incredible. I have never seen meteors that have left such a distinct light trail behind them,” explained Ms Parsons.

Mother nature really put on a show that night making the experience a once in a lifetime event for all of the guests.

Meteor Hike
Photo Credit: Debra Malone

At around 5am it was time to descend, but the incredible views didn’t end there. As the first light appeared, the sun rose from beneath the mountains and bathed the valley in a bright orange glow, warming the souls of all the guests and guides.

The group arrived back in Thredbo at 7.30am that morning ending the experience with a delicious breakfast at Cascades Restaurant.

Thredbo will be hosting four full moon hikes over summer with the first coming up on 18 January. Please click here to find out more.

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